Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Hate April Fool's Day

Takes the whole fun out of pranks if you can be sure that everything funny or weird you see on this day of pink that it's just a holiday sanctioned cute joke. Some news are easily recognizable hoaxes (like the thing with the ipod video player), others are less clear, but it doesn't matter. Everyone will doubt it anyway. The whole day everyone walks around with their hands covering their ears. You know what would be a good prank, if the shit going down at http://www.newgrounds.com/ was not a joke. If they saved it for April 1st, but then never went back to normal. People would be confused for weeks.

I suppose the RickRolling at youtube.com amuses me slighty, but it also annoys me. Is 4chan the only source of humorous original content on the internet? Or is referencing it show some sort of internet cred?

Scott at VGCats at least used the day to deliver a stinging burn to everyone's favorite webcomic idiot:

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