Saturday, April 26, 2008

eBaums of Caturday

I Can Has Cheezburger has become the eBaums of Caturday.

Once again, greedy dot-commers make a goddamn fortune off of taking and hosting other people's content that they don't even have to pay for or have rights to, complete with a fagtacular Eric Bauman style watermark. Thanks a lot you Starbucks guzzling dick polishers, like I fucking needed to know where these images actually came from.

It's this kind of shit that makes me really fucking angry. Let's see here, not only are they taking content they don't own and rebranding it regardless of whether or not it was actually public domain, harvesting and hosting it for a profit even though they didn't make a single lick of it, and now they're TAKING CREDIT FOR THE WHOLE FUCKING IDEA. It's sad, but one of the people commenting has a good point; These days, with all these money grubbing Eric Bauman wannabes and work shy dot-commers looking for a quick buck, you absolutely have to keep track of everything you make.

Will we one day have to declare that original works posted on our image boards are subject to a collective license to protect our 'memes' from becoming someone else's million dollar products? Maybe an Anonymous Content Protection group? After seeing some of my shit hustled around the web to sites like eBaums, I began considering digital watermarking so if any of these assholes got class actioned I'd have proof for my case. Sadly even that's in vain, because Anonymous doesn't have the balls or the capital to take someone like Huh or Bauman to court and win. (The flip side to the, "That's capitalism, protect your shit or go home broke," argument. Protecting your intellectual property is an extremely costly affair, and when someone's making loads off of public domain works you made while you barely have a five figure income, how are you supposed to lawyer up against them?)

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