Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chris Landers Has Lurked Moar

Chris Landers, the writer of this piece at City Paper Online as definitely lurked moar. Included are some interviews with someone ideological newfags:

Across the street, a man in a green eyeless mask says his name is "David." He traveled "many hours" to be here and is staying in a hotel. He puts it this way: "Am I here for the lulz? Oh, fuck yeah. Without /b/, you don't get the spectacle, and without the spectacle, nobody cares. These poor guys, Arnie [Lerma] and Mark Bunker and those guys, they've been doing it for years, but without the spectacle, nobody pays attention. You wouldn't have any fun. That's what /b/'s brought--it's brought some youth, it's brought some energy."

It's amazing to read an article about Chanology that 1) Understands Anonymous and 2) Brings something interesting to the table.

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