Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nothing fun, anymore

Nowdays I have a small social circle. My proper friends all went away to uni, they come back occasionally and I see them. Otherwise Im left with a couple of stoners who aren't particualr fun so I choose to avoid them when possible.

But the thing is, say a friend who is at uni comes up it's just the same thing every time. We go to my room, talk about what each other has been doing. Usally nothing interesting comes up. Discuss some other shit. Then it get's awkward, I just want to get back on the computer and browse /b/ or something, but they're still in my room so I cant. I mean, whats the fucking point. Unless my friends offer me something that I cannot do by myself then why bother having them come over. The conversations are never stimulating. I have yet to meet someone who is like me and have conversations about the kind of stuff I am into. I might be invinting one over to have a few quiet drinks with later this week, dunno why, I would rather have them by myself, but something is nagging at me to let him come over. Back in the day it was all fun and games, now it's just disscussion and possibly drinks. Nothing fun, anymore.

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