Friday, April 18, 2008

XenuTV Censored

Copy of letter:
Many say the email just gets bounced by spam filters. You may want to modify, or write your own email (feel free to use this as a template though!).
-Best wishes, TFoot

You may also be interested to know that the Scientology Office of Special Affairs (their secret police, ya go figure, what sort of religion has a secret police force) has been gloating about this:
Claiming that Mark Bunker represent 'hate speech'. The interesting irony is the Scientologist account has the motto


If they seriously think that they can abolish free speech by branding anything critical of them as 'hate speech', they are sorely mistaken.

The above was written on the evening of Apr 17 2008 (Yesterday). Today the this account (torymagoo69) has been suspended. I assume this is merely the prelude to xenutv1 getting reinstated.
I DLed their video and took screenshots of their account. They will have their asses handed to them over this.

Its arguable where this should be emailed to.

Dear Sir,
I write to complain about the suspension of the account of Xenutv1. This account did not violate any copyright or contain any offensive material. This appears to be a barely concealed effort by Scientology to censor their critics by an abuse of the flagging system. Indeed it is difficult to contrive that this action could have been taken by anyone other than a Scientology 'moderator', or one coerced by Scientology.

I sincerely hope that you will see fit to reinstate this account, as the presence of an Emmy Award winning journalists such as Mark Bunker (Xenutv1) significantly increase the color and depth of the Youtube experience.

It would also show a distinct lack of character for Youtube to not stand up for the free speech of the 'little man' given that the core of the Youtube's business model is that media is provided by the free speech of the 'little man'.
Best Wishes,

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