Friday, May 23, 2008

4chan Has Jumped teh Shark

So /b/ has finally turned 4chan into a repetitive, lame joke.

After watching this I'm almost ashamed of coming here. They really did hit the nail on the head as far as /b/'s lame attempts at humor go. Also this officially, finally removes any notion 4chan may have ever had about being a secret website that only gets new people when they raid places.

Then 4chan was teh mainstream.

No, anon, The vast majority of people do not seek out the assholes of the internet.

4chan might be known to people that fuck around online all fucking day long like we do, but your average person has no fucking idea what 4chan is and doesn't want to know.

Shit, I only came here when some asshole on myspace linked to the site with pictures of Goatse and Tubgirl.

I thought it was too awesome to not check it out.

Righteous Eating, AKA Orthorexia Nervosa

What is Orthorexia:
It’s great to eat healthy food, and most of us could benefit by paying a little more attention to what we eat. However, some people have the opposite problem: they take the concept of healthy eating to such an extreme that it becomes an obsession. I call this state of mind orthorexia nervosa: literally, "fixation on righteous eating."

Vegetarians fucking suck, that is my point of view and conclusion, based on personal observations. who does not hate the goddamn annoying fucker when you are having a barbecue, that goes all "Oh, please no meat for me, it is murder!", just as you are grilling the mother of all T-Bone steaks with the most juicy dripping sauce that even god could not have made better. drags everyone fucking down. I love murdering animals. animals are made for murdering by us, for we are the pinnacle of life on this fucking planet. we are beautiful, well-shaped, smart, erotic hunters that are not afraid of plunging into battle with the enemy to reap the reward of a penetration of our tastebuds by juicy meat.

I have never met a happy vegetarian. even worse than them, are fucking vegans. "I dont eat anything but broccoli, because I dont want anyone to be harmed, and so should you!!!" (which is the exact definition of righteous eating btw. you promote your fucking shit, and go fucking bonkers once someone does not follow your regime).

yeah right! and you have to take a trillion of health supplements coated in cooked animal hides while we enjoy the lustful endeavours of the flesh! the juicy fulfillment of dripping meat! the orgasmic satisfaction of it penetrating your mouth and you chewing down it's dripping saucy ejaculate!

vegetarians dont even taste good, I speak from experience. eat meat like every good man, you dumbasses!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why Your Live Sucks

A waste of space. That's what you are.

Human trash.

You haven't done anything in life. When you die, no one will miss you. The world wont care. No one would care. You can't do something as easy and simple as finding a proper mate. You are too afraid of rejection and of failure. You are afraid of being in the shadow of the Earth. You are too afraid of success and glory. You are of afraid of being in the spotlight.

Your fears are overwhelming and they hold you down. You cannot progress and move forward. You can only hope and dream. Your ambitions are strong but you are not. You await the day that brings danger and doom, because only then do you expect to be reborn. Only then do you expect to rise as more than a robotic bag of flesh. Nothing interesting ever happens to you and you couldn't be successful even if you tried. You do not try. You do not work. No action is taken. Instead, you choose to mope on the internet. 4chan is especially guilty.
"That will certainly fix everything. These people will help me."
"See, I'm not alone!"
"Maybe my life isn't so bad."

You choose to conform with this insignificant concept. You live by rules that obstruct any further progression. You are afraid and weak. You have not seen everything but you have seen enough. It is pathetic and sad really. So much time is available and so much can be done yet you choose to continue to exist like an animal. There is no balance in your life. You are trapped within yourself. No freedom, no strength, no determination, no desire, and no diversity.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hamburger Head Comic #1

Anonymous Soldiers

Anonymous Soldiers are we, without uniform
And around us fear and the shadow of death
We have all been drafted for life.
Only death will discharge us from our ranks,
On red days of riots and blood
In the dark nights of despair
In towns and villages shall we raise our banner
On which are inscribed defense and conquest
We were not drafted by the whip, like a mob of slaves
To shed our blood in foreign lands
Our will is to be forever free
Our dream - to die for our country
From all directions, tens of thousands of obstacles
Cruel fate has placed on out path
But enemies, spies and prison houses
Will never be able to stop us
The people exponential
Come Goliath downfall
One man. One mouth
One Fucking Keyboard.
And if we fall in the streets and homes
We will be buried silently in the night
Thousands of others will fill our places
To protect and defend forever
With the tears of bereaved mothers
And the blood of pure babies
Like mortar shall we put together the cadaver building blocks
The edifice of the homeland shall we raise

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scientologist Tommy Davis responds to Anonymous on CNN

CNN's John Roberts interviews Scientologist Tommy Davis on CNN, 5-7-08. LULZ at the talking head blaming Anonymous for fake acts.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Anonymous on CNN

As much as the Chanologists are newbs and don't reflect the true anon very well, it is good to see Scientology getting backed into a corner.

That video, just like the others, did not mention 4chan. Only the ones actually interested in Chanology will even find out that they talk in a place known as "/b/". Once they find out about /b/, 80% will be repulsed, and the ones that aren't will have no reason to leave. We're in about as much danger as /c/.

When more people are aware of the scandal that is going on, Scientology will soon decline.