Monday, March 31, 2008

Scientology Frames Anonymous in Epilepsy Hacking

According to, members of Anonymous hacked the forums of the Epilepsy Foundation to display a flashing gif which triggered several seizures among the website's users. However, according to the administrator of 7chan, this was in fact perpetrated by Scientologists looking to smear the good "name" of Anonymous (lolwut?).

ATTENTION: Newcomers from Wired, Digg, Engadget, Slashdot, etc. by OverlordXenu - 3/29/08 @ 7:46PM PDT#

Hello, and welcome to our treehouse.

I would just like to discuss this nasty business about a terrible raid on a forum for the poor people who suffer from epilepsy. What happened there was terrible, and we feel deeply sorry for those affected.

Users of this site did not actually attack those individuals. The Church of Scientology posted numerous threads across many *chan sites, and then informed people that Anonymous had been attacking victims of epilepsy. They did this under their "fair game" policy, to ruin the public opinion of Anonymous, to lessen the effect of their lawful protests against their virulent organization.

I must say, it is disgusting that the CoS is willing to drag innocent people down with them, in an attempt to save themselves. How could anyone be a willing participant in their terrible organization?

Sadly, none of our staff were online at the time of the thread's posting, so we were unable to take it down.

We are truly and deeply sorry for what happened to these innocent people,
Thank you for your time spent reading this apology,
The Administration and Staff of

Feel free to email us at the above address or address us on our IRC server, and we will be happy to address any of your concerns regarding this terrible incident.

I lurk moar constantly and did not hear about this "raid" being organized. Even if Scientology is not at fault, a few hackers cannot claim they are acting as Anonymous, that is not the nature of the beast. "Anonymous", if it can be said to mean something, refers to the swarming hoard of nameless internet users, it cannot be applied to the actions of a single prankster. That's just an individual farting in the wind, acting anonymously, lower case 'a'.

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