Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ten Reasons Why YOU are MEANINGLESS

1. Every single fraction of your opinions and outlooks mean nothing to anyone except you.

2. Every person you have ever admired or idolized, like athletes, actors, rock stars etc., don't give two fucks about you and never will. In fact, there sitting down now in a mansion eating expensive steaks all payed for with the money you have spent ignorantly as a result of your admiration.

3. You are going to die. Every single thing you have achieved, gained, or accomplished, is totally fucking worthless and will mean nothing to the people alive after you die. Even if you are remembered, it will not last forever. When the world ends, your existence will not matter to a single star in space.

4. Love is fake and complete bullshit. Your girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, relatives, and friends, don't love you at all. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is just using you for something, your parents have to take care of you and really think of you as the hindrance that ruined their lives. Your relatives only give a shit about you on christmas and even then, are annoyed they have to spend their money on you, just because a made up holiday says that have too.

5. All religions and belief systems are fake. There is no god, no hell, no angels, or prophets. When you die, you will be exactly what you were before you were born. Nothing amongst nothingness.

6. You are the central focus of a marketing scheme. As we speak, there is a board room deciding what products to target directly at you. they know what you want and like, because they told you what you wanted and liked sense you were a little kid. They have molded and shaped you to be exactly what you are. You are not original. When you were in high school, they offered you a selection of trends and you chose one of them. Even being different and straying from the masses was a trend. Now that you have decided who you are from their list of choices, you will live the rest of your life buying exactly what they tell you. You will go to the websites they tell you. You will wear the clothes they tell you. You are product placement.

7. Good and evil doesn't exist, nor does wrong or right. Some people have a false sense of superiority that they gain by believing they doing things right, or "being good." You can not be good or bad. For instance, helping an old lady across the street, could truly be assisting a psychopathic grandmother on her way to poison her grandson. Killing somebody in a car while driving drunk may sound bad, but what if that guy was an organ donor and his heart just saved a life? This means that ALL of your decisions are meaningless and though they effect the future, the outcomes will always be the same. Miracles and disasters.

8. Every decision you make is based on your best self-interest. This doesn't making you selfish, it makes you normal. However, in a world where everybody is making decisions based on their own self -interest, nothing will ever be constant, aside from conflict. This means your existence is not only meaningless, but it makes everyone else's existence meaningless as well. Everyone makes everybody even more meaningless.

9. Anything you try to achieve on a world wide platform will never happen. Because as you and everyone you know dies, an entire group of just as meaningless children are born and raised to hate everything you did before them, forcing them to erase your accomplishments and begin their work on trying to achieve theirs. Which ultimately will fail as well, because they too will grow old and another group of worthless children are born. This will repeat making every generation irrelevant as they all cancel out one another.

10. Any knowledge or intelligence you gain that you try to pass down will only get exaggerated and twisted, until the knowledge becomes legend, and the legend becomes history. Even writings get translated and words get manipulated. History will be written by meaningless idiots who will write what is in their best interest, by changing the original writings of the original authors who were just as meaningless and also wrote what was in their best interest. Life is fucking pointless.


If you are reading this line for an answer, it is probably because you have never thought of the above before. In which case, Become An Hero. Why did you read all this tripe? You ought to go outside more. I hear a lot of people find things to fill their meaningless lives with out there. If you just CAN'T GET ENOUGH of this highfalutin navel-gazing mental wrist cutting, than HEAP ON THE SMOLDERING GOODNESS, go to a fucking library and read yourself some SARTRE, CAMUS, and DOBBS. Maybe you'll find some ironic value in calling yourself a nihilist, existentialist or absurdist, you sick little Pink Boy.

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Anonymous said...

Why should I listen you you? Every single fraction of your opinions and outlooks mean nothing to anyone except you.