Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ctrl-Alt-Delete is Shit




CAD isn't all bad however. It's a source of many amusing edits that are always much better than the original. Also, it's easy to make fun of.

Let's see what happens when we apply CAD-flavored shittyness to a good webcomic like PBF:

CAD comics are simply not funny. They're either about stupid plotlines that revolve around the main character being a socially inept retard who loves video games (HURR DURR I CAN'T PERFORM BASIC TASKS IN LIFE BECAUSE ALL I CARE ABOUT ARE VIDEOGAMES). Or, they're stupid rants about obvious things, where Buckley feels the need to show his rage in comic form (HURR DURR THIS IS A GRIEFER HE IS GETTING STABBED IN THE FACE). Or, they're shitty attempts at humor, with too much buildup, resulting in the punchline being so painfully obvious you can see it coming from a mile away.


Charles Burnett said...

first of all niether of those comics were form cad. second of all gamers or as you said "socially inept retards" like that are very prominent in the society appearing as anything from accountants to a ceo of a large company. third of all cad has a sense of humor relating to gamers and games. if you do not like something then there is no reason to publish a hate speach about it. fourth of all some games can help you improve reflexes, brain power and teach you to multi-task. some games though are just relaxing and time killers (also if you are someone who thinks games make children violent then you are wrong. I myself am a twelve year old boy and i have have a very high I.Q. and am an experienced gamer of everything from rts to hack'n'slash to rpg or even fps. i have been gaming since i was 4 and have never so much as beaten some one up. infact games are a very useful scource of stress relife). Last of all if this text is anything to judge on then i know that the majoraty of the world would hate you, i know i do.

Charles Burnett said...

if anyone sees this comment then please post a comment so we can prove to this tosspot that if you find something unfunny you dont have to be a dick about and publish a hate speach about it.

rah said...

I know comic strips, and Tim Buckley is a disgrace. It really hurts that there's a 12 year old boy and a semi-rich manchild out there that disagree with me, but I can live with that I think.

Anonymous said...

I think this review is wrong on so many levels...
If you don't like something that's fine but there is no need to make a big fuss about and lets be honest is there any real purpose to this post, it's not like anyone will read it and say "oh well that was close I'm going to stop reading this Ctrl-Alt-Delete."

Lastly thousands of people if not more read Ctrl-Alt-Delete, so just crawl back into the PITS OF HELL that you come from and just stop being such a no talent complainy loser!

Soup said...

Tim B^Uckley is shit. His comics are not funny. In before shitstor- oh wait.

james said...

At the the start of your comic you said that you think he uses too much text in each web comic are you really to stupid to read long sentences!!!!????

Excuse me if that was too long here is a summary: