Friday, May 23, 2008

4chan Has Jumped teh Shark

So /b/ has finally turned 4chan into a repetitive, lame joke.

After watching this I'm almost ashamed of coming here. They really did hit the nail on the head as far as /b/'s lame attempts at humor go. Also this officially, finally removes any notion 4chan may have ever had about being a secret website that only gets new people when they raid places.

Then 4chan was teh mainstream.

No, anon, The vast majority of people do not seek out the assholes of the internet.

4chan might be known to people that fuck around online all fucking day long like we do, but your average person has no fucking idea what 4chan is and doesn't want to know.

Shit, I only came here when some asshole on myspace linked to the site with pictures of Goatse and Tubgirl.

I thought it was too awesome to not check it out.


ablaz3d said...

Not true, its still creative

Fortune said...

Jesus christ. I don't know what is worse, the video of the fact the guy got his friends to agree to that script.

Razor said...

that was mildly entertaining.
Have seen worst.