Friday, May 9, 2008

Anonymous Soldiers

Anonymous Soldiers are we, without uniform
And around us fear and the shadow of death
We have all been drafted for life.
Only death will discharge us from our ranks,
On red days of riots and blood
In the dark nights of despair
In towns and villages shall we raise our banner
On which are inscribed defense and conquest
We were not drafted by the whip, like a mob of slaves
To shed our blood in foreign lands
Our will is to be forever free
Our dream - to die for our country
From all directions, tens of thousands of obstacles
Cruel fate has placed on out path
But enemies, spies and prison houses
Will never be able to stop us
The people exponential
Come Goliath downfall
One man. One mouth
One Fucking Keyboard.
And if we fall in the streets and homes
We will be buried silently in the night
Thousands of others will fill our places
To protect and defend forever
With the tears of bereaved mothers
And the blood of pure babies
Like mortar shall we put together the cadaver building blocks
The edifice of the homeland shall we raise

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