Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why Your Live Sucks

A waste of space. That's what you are.

Human trash.

You haven't done anything in life. When you die, no one will miss you. The world wont care. No one would care. You can't do something as easy and simple as finding a proper mate. You are too afraid of rejection and of failure. You are afraid of being in the shadow of the Earth. You are too afraid of success and glory. You are of afraid of being in the spotlight.

Your fears are overwhelming and they hold you down. You cannot progress and move forward. You can only hope and dream. Your ambitions are strong but you are not. You await the day that brings danger and doom, because only then do you expect to be reborn. Only then do you expect to rise as more than a robotic bag of flesh. Nothing interesting ever happens to you and you couldn't be successful even if you tried. You do not try. You do not work. No action is taken. Instead, you choose to mope on the internet. 4chan is especially guilty.
"That will certainly fix everything. These people will help me."
"See, I'm not alone!"
"Maybe my life isn't so bad."

You choose to conform with this insignificant concept. You live by rules that obstruct any further progression. You are afraid and weak. You have not seen everything but you have seen enough. It is pathetic and sad really. So much time is available and so much can be done yet you choose to continue to exist like an animal. There is no balance in your life. You are trapped within yourself. No freedom, no strength, no determination, no desire, and no diversity.

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